YachtGrot Video Boat Sales

Let us show you how we are unique in selling your boat.

We have listened carefully to the comments of buyers and sellers about the service they have received from brokers. Their complaints are endless. Fees commonly at 8 to 10% of sale price, slow response to requests for information, and often an inability to give a competent response to buyers’ in depth queries about the vessel for sale.

We think that a professional brokerage should have comprehensive information about the technical aspects of your vessel and its specification instantly available. The sale is important to both buyer and seller, and we believe that clear communication and trust is valued by both parties.

Our adverts include a full video tour of your boat, which gives any potential buyer a real feel for the vessel. In addition we collect all relevant information from you using a comprehensive but user friendly form, from engine hours to number of bilge pumps, which enables us to respond to buyers’ questions confidently and professionally. What’s the basis of that professionalism? YachtGrot is owned and managed by an experienced ocean sailor and commercial skipper.

We upload the video, and within 24 hours we are giving tours of your boat all over the world, and separating yours from all the other boats on the market. Using EBay Classified listings we can reach a worldwide market of buyers. There is no waiting for brokers to respond with details - a high quality video can be seen immediately.

Buyers can see an accurate portrayal in the comfort of their own home, and at a time that is convenient for them. They can ask questions online, or call, via ‘phone or Skype, and get a live voice ready to discuss any queries.

The format of our listings means that should a buyer Google your specific class of vessel, your boat will be at the top of the Google rankings. By increasing the boat’s visibility online, it stands out from the rest of the broker promoted boats, giving your boat the greatest potential number of viewers.

When a boat is placed for sale with us we research the market to get an overview of the class of vessel, and its potential market and value. We review our findings with the seller and discuss the probable realistic selling price and timescale. It is important to us that the seller understands and agrees with the marketing strategy for their vessel, and is involved at every stage.

In-depth video tours, internet listings, 14 hour a day, 7 days a week personal service, fast response times to all enquiries, and 24/7 promotion of your boat on Google, EBay and Video: these combine to give us worldwide reach via the most effective use of technology and networking to make YachtGrot the most successful platform to sell your boat. How do we know? We know because we consistently sell boats in a difficult and competitive market.

In the last six months the average time from listing to sale of a vessel through YachtGrot, where a realistic value has been agreed, has been just six weeks. But, don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers and buyers say:

‘Paul did a great job for us, perfect video of our sailing boat……so helpful’.

 ‘Hi, we are a husband and wife who are searching for a Wharram catamaran to live aboard. Thanks for posting such a beautiful boat and great video’.

 ‘Very nice vessel. Thank you for the photographs and video tour- sets you apart’. 

I like your video sales presentation and will keep your site as one of my favourites until I find something. United Kingdom’.

We think that says it all, so why engage someone to put up a few pictures of your boat, sit back and wait for the phone to ring?. With YachtGrot’s personal service and pro active approach, we will sell your boat faster and for a better price than our competitors. If you are not already convinced, take a look at our fee structure:    

Listing Fees including video and brokerage fees.

Making video and listing vessel:   Starting from                              £150

(not including travelling expenses).    

 Sale price of boat:                                                           Fees charged at:

Up to £15000                                                                 4.5%

Up to £20000                                                                 4%

Up to £30000                                                                 3.5%

Up to £50000                                                                 3%

From £50k to £250K                                                     2.5%

Over £250k                                                                     POA