Steel treatments and sevices. Shot blasting, Air Needle or Bead blasting.

We provide an in yard Maintenance services as well as on-site blast cleaning. Our approach to getting you the best results is using the appropriate blast media from the variety that we keep on hand to assist you in removing paint and rust from steel.

Ingersoll rand compressor unit with up to 5 guns running constantly this is a noise process but normally finished in a day.

Shot blasting available

Air needle blasting can blast the complete interior and exterior of your boat restoration project without damaging or warping the surface it will remove the paint all the way to bare steel removing all the rust, where the steel is under ½ mm it will normally knock through finding you any floors in the steel. Blasting can strip paint up to 200% faster than sanding alone and will leave the surface of your boat clean and rust free, ready to phosphoric acid treatment if needed. Prime, paint and antifoul.

air needing as the navy useneedle gun

We can normally strip a medium size boat (40 ft) below water line in 24 hours saving you much time & money:

  • Money saved in yard time (time to do the job)
  • No materials need (grinders, sand paper, sweat)
  • Fine pitting of surface making the paint adhere 40% better than grinding see picture below.


Complete under the water line paint removal can be done for under £500 plus travelling costs

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Fine pitting of surface making the paint adhere