Hi and welcome to yachtgrot,

We are specialised in Video Boat & Yacht sales and second hand chandlery.  We are a UK company but have storage facilities in Portugal.

About Video Boat Sales

At yachtgrot we have staff that will come and video your boat ready for sale and create web listings with a difference, we don’t just put your boat on the internet and hope people see it (like most brokers) we actively market it through many media sites and with the power of video create excellent leads for the owners and fantastic traffic to their boat listing (more people viewing means higher chance of selling) Contact us if you wish to list your boat. The main listing is free if you already have a good video.

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About second hand marine goods

Customers come into our ware houses with all sort of items that they wish to sell for all sorts of reasons whether they are replacing items for newer parts or just clearing out their garage or shed (how much Stuff Have you got in your shed. LOL)

We sell goods on behalf of the customer and some of our own parts that we have obtained from salvaging boats and scraping them.  We travel all around the UK, Portugal and Spain buying up old boats and scrapping them. All boats and yachts are scraped properly with all hazardous waste, oils and toxic products being disposed of correctly in and environmentally friendly way.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to get rid of a boat, weather you’re a port captain, harbour master, boat yard owner or private owner we are here to help.

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